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Our company has services of skilled in maintenance, preparation and submission of following Records/Returns etc. as per the necessity underneath EPF& MP Act, 1952.

  1. Preparation of document needed for registration of associate degree establishment/factory underneath the Employees’ Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act. 1952 and procuring Code range.
  2. Preparation of Register of Eligibility of the workers.
  3. Completion of comeback of possession in kind No. 5A
  4. making ready of details of staff in kind No. nine (Revised).
  5. Completion of Nomination & Declaration kinds in Form No. a pair of (Revised) of the workers.
  6. Preparation of declaration by the workers at the time of connexion the corporate in kind No. 11(Revised).
  7. Bank Challan ready for depositing contribution each month underneath the EPF.
  8. Preparation of Monthly come back in kind No. 12-A and submission to the Authorities underneath EPF.
  9. Preparation of Monthly come back in kind No. five underneath EPF.
  10. Preparation of Monthly come back in kind No. ten underneath EPF.
  11. Preparation of kind No. 3-A showing Monthly Contribution by the workers also as leader underneath EPF.
  12. Preparation of Annual come back in kind No. 6-A with details of the contribution by the workers and leader throughout the year.
  13. Support in making ready the information of Annual come back in step with the programmed format in Foxpro +”DBF” during a Floppy as per the necessity of the Authorities.
  14. Preparation of Monthly come back in kind 7(IF) as per the necessity underneath the EDLI theme 1976.
  15. Support in making ready and completion of the documents needed for PF withdrawal in Forms (19, 10C/10D) and assist staff in having settled.
  16. give support to the workers in transfer of PF accumulation from one workplace to a different completion of kind thirteen.
  17. give complete support in drafting the replies to the Correspondence from the P.F Department and liaision.
  18. give support and help and attend PF social control Officer for the aim of examination of records.Make look as a representative of the corporate before the Author.